Happy Veteran's Day

In honor of Veteran's Day, I want to share this letter my son wrote to my husband and I.  My husband served in the US Army and then the US Navy.  I served in the US Navy.

By Gabriel Smith, 10 yrs old. Part of SmithPRO LLC - my co-agent.

happy Veterans day mom and dad

hope you have thousands more Veterans days .

thank  you for serving our grand country risking your lives to keep our country safe. Thank you for doing

what not many people will do I salute you for serving our country you are not only veterans but you are

my dad and mom ,and I love you both. You have taken me on a trip across America. You have shown me

states that most people don’t get to see. You have taken me on a journey through the united states of

America that you fought to protect. You have accomplished what is known as the hardest job in

America. And then take us on a journey thru those states that you protected with your lives. There are 8

of us 6 crazy kids and 2 amazing Veteran parents [that’s you to dad and mom] I love you both let god

bless you both. You have been taking me on a six year adventure thru the united of America. You have

done what most people dream of doing. – in other words happy veterans day mom and dad