2016 PBR Finals Mike Lee

photo: Terry Good/SmithPRO
Mike Lee began his career in the PBR in 2002. He entered his first event right after turning 18 and won it.  That was the beginning of a long and successful career in the PBR which has by no means met it's conclusion.

2016 finds him in 9th place in the PBR BFTS World Standings going into the Finals in Las Vegas.  

Mike Lee World Finals Standings by year show his consistency and success in this industry:
  • 2015     18th
  • 2014     7th
  • 2013     10th
  • 2012     13th
  • 2011     17th
  • 2010     5th
  • 2009     28th
  • 2008     8th
  • 2007     15th
  • 2006     3rd
  • 2005     36th (due to injury, but still made finals)
  • 2004     1st
  • 2003     6th
  • 2002     11th​

photo: Terry Good / SmithPRO

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SmithPRO Reporter wins Award

Hanna Smith began her writing career at the age of two. Her journals were filled with pictures of her daily adventures. Over the years, her writing expanded to essays for school, fictional stories for fun, and later, a blog, website, and online magazine.

Her reporting even expanded to newspapers, working with NASA on a story, and published in Eric Cohen textbooks.

Hanna currently works for the Christian County Headliner News as a full time reporter.  She covers the majority of Christian County legal stories as well as all activities and news that needs to be covered.

This fall, Hanna received the Excellence in Legal Jouralism Award from the Missouri Bar Association.

She also had the honor of interviewing Dr. Ben Carson, Lt. Gen Jerry Boykin, and U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert for the Christian County Headliner News.

We, here at SmithPRO, are very proud of our reporter. To read her articles for SmithPRO go to

Hanna Smith and U.S. Rep Louie Gohmert

Hanna Smith and Dr. Ben Carson

Hanna Smith and Gen. Boykin

World Champion Bull Rider Mike Lee

9th in the World
in the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) BFTS 

This is Mike Lee's 15th consecutive year to be at PBR Finals which may be a record.

for more info go to 

www.mikelee8seconds.com - his new clothing line!

and on this website at:

Full Time Travel - a huge part of SmithPRO

The Smith Family has been traveling full time since 2008. Shae is an engineer with his company out of  Dallas. Sheri is a writer, speaker, sports agent, and full time mom. Their adventures take them around the country with their four kids at home (two have gotten married and moved out). 
This summer the Smiths are in near Rocky MT National Park. The adventures are incredible.

5 of 6 kids, a daughter-in-law and a grandbaby due in Nov!

Aaron Gold, big wave surfer, rode what some say is the biggest wave ever paddled into, at Pe'ahi Jaws, Hawaii.

Jan 15, 2016, Aaron paddled out to what he thought would be a practice wave, but like he said, "The wave came to me. Sometimes it finds you".

Aaron continue, "I just kept going, it had a whole other section to it... I got cycled pretty deep, got drug a couple hundred yards. I was able to get up, no problem, it's fine."
(Interview by Brent Bielmann, Surfing Magazine. click here for full article. )