Full Time Travel - a huge part of SmithPRO

The Smith Family has been traveling full time since 2008. Shae is an engineer with his company out of  Dallas. Sheri is a writer, speaker, sports agent, and full time mom. Their adventures take them around the country with their four kids at home (two have gotten married and moved out). 
This summer the Smiths are in near Rocky MT National Park. The adventures are incredible.

5 of 6 kids, a daughter-in-law and a grandbaby due in Nov!

Aaron Gold, big wave surfer, rode what some say is the biggest wave ever paddled into, at Pe'ahi Jaws, Hawaii.

Jan 15, 2016, Aaron paddled out to what he thought would be a practice wave, but like he said, "The wave came to me. Sometimes it finds you".

Aaron continue, "I just kept going, it had a whole other section to it... I got cycled pretty deep, got drug a couple hundred yards. I was able to get up, no problem, it's fine."
(Interview by Brent Bielmann, Surfing Magazine. click here for full article. )

Abandoned Water Park - Smith Adventures

The Smith family, owners of SmithPRO LLC, have been traveling full time for over seven years. After Shae's 13 years of pain and seven surgeries, the family decided to sell their home and spend more time together and try to take back some of the time lost to pain. Here is one of the countless adventures they want to share.

WNFR 2015 Cassidy Kruse Barrel Racer

As with everything I do, I like to give people opportunity to share their faith. So many professional athletes give glory to God for their ability, and while at WNFR, I got to interview Professional Barrel Racer Cassidy Kruse after her round win.