Mike Lee signs with Real Time Pain Relief

Mike Lee signs endorsement deal with Real Time Pain Relief for 2017

Real Time Pain Relief is the title sponsor of the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Velocity Tour.  RTPR also sponsors numerous PBR athletes at all levels of competition.

Lee has been using the product since spring of 2016 and has found it helps enormously with pain incurred by the extremely dangerous sport he participates in weekly.

2017 is Lee's 16th year competing in the PBR BFTS, which is a record.  Pain is a serious issue for an athlete that has ridden well over 1000 bulls in the PBR and is one of only two PBR bull riders to have over 500 qualified rides in the toughest series on earth.

photo: Andre Silva/Real Time Pain Relief

Lee uses Real Time Pain Relief daily and believes in it so much he has chosen to become a vendor and sells it himself.  He is working towards retirement which is not something he plans on doing any time soon.  Recently Lee joked about going for 20 years in the BFTS.

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