Best Sponsor Info

Shawn Best is involved in the following bull riding and rodeo organizations:


Best's accomplishments include:

  • World Champion 2011 INFR
  • 2005 CA Circuit Rookie of the Year PRCA
  • 6 Regional Championships Indian Rodeo Association
  • 2002 Rookie of the Year Western States Indian Rodeo Association
  • 2013  2nd or 3rd spokan pbr, 4th in pendleton,
  • 2014 won Winthrop WA Bull Riding Event
  • PBR San Antonio, TX 5th and 6th place
  • PBR Del Mar, CA 6th place
  • PBR Stephenville, TX 4th place
  • PBR Pendleton, OR 4th place
  • PBR Bismark, ND 4th in the round, 7th in the average
  • PBR Spokane, WA 4th place
  • PBR Ft. Hall 3rd place
  • PBR Aimes, IA 6th place
  • Indian Rodeo:
  •            Nespelem, WA 1st
  •            Warm Springs, OR 1st
  •            Yakima, WA 2nd
  •            Ty Ridge, OR 1st
  •            Klamath, Falls, OR 1st
  • PRCA: 
  •            Tampa, FL 1st place
  •            Hollywood, CA  1st place
  •            Odessa, FL 1st place
  •            Brighton, 1st place
  •            Big Cypress  1st place
  •            Chino, 1st place
  •            Yucca Valley 1st place
  •            Astoria 1st place
  • 2010 Butte, MT 1st place
  • Colville Bull Bash 1st place two times and 2nd one time
  • Eugene Pro Rodeo 3rd place
  • Darby 3rd place
  • Tonasket 3rd place
  • Window Rock, AZ 2nd place
Shawn Best won or placed at almost event in the Northwest and some he won multiple times.

Bull riding champion of the Tex Games.

This is not a comprehensive list of accomplishments, just a list to give you an idea of the talent and success of Shawn Best.

Sponsorship packages may include some or all of the following:

Logo placement on:
  • shirt sleeve, collar, back, or front
  • vest
  • chaps
  • autograph sheet
  • websites
  • Facebook posts
  • Twitter posts
  • Instagram posts

Sponsorship may also include:
  • autograph sessions
  • photo shoots
  • commercials
  • special events
  • posts on all social media

Any creative and unique sponsorship ideas will be considered.  

Sponsorship packages come in all sizes depending on sponsorship options desired and length of the contract.

Options for sponsorship include:

  • gear sponsorship - gloves, helmet, chaps, vest, ropes, clothing, etc
  • gas sponsorship - gas card to get to and from events
  • flight sponsorship - pay for airplane tickets for events that are a greater distance
  • truck sponsorship - get a truck wrap and advertising for a year
  • fee sponsorship - pay for the rider entrance fees to events
  • motel sponsorship - when necessary, the rider has to stay over night for event or during travel
  • monetary sponsorship - money is used for all of the above and other expenses to get the rider to the events
  • healthy living sponsorship - gym membership, dental, massage, and healthy living products that keep the rider healthy and strong for the next event
Shawn Best is one of those guys that everyone likes. I'm going to be honest and open with you.  When I go on my facebook, I always look at his updates first.  He is kind, thoughtful, funny, inspirational, and genuine.  He makes me laugh when I'm stressed and inspires me to be a better person.  I watch the comments below his posts and they are always positive and supportive.  His fans truly adore him and they treat him with respect.  With that respect for him will come respect for a company that he endorses. 

My job, as an agent, is to make sure your company makes money from the sponsorship, so I would like to talk in detail with you and find out what makes sense for your company and your sponsorship. Some companies prefer commercials while others prefer photography.  Social media and advertisements are critical to some while others only want a patch on the vest.

There aren't any set sponsor packages as each company will benefit it different ways - and that's where I come in.  

For more information contact Sheri Smith or call 417.342.5842