Dener Barbosa Professional Bull Rider

Dener Barbosa 2016 PBR Brazil Champion

Was in the top ranking for Rookie of the Year in the PBR BFTS

9th Place in the PBR BFTS World Standings!

5th Place in the PBR BFTS World Finals Event!

7th Place in the PBR Real Time Pain Relief Velocity Finals!

Dener Barbosa wins PBR BFTS Raleigh, NC!

2nd Place in the 15/15 Nampa, ID!
2nd Place at the PBR BFTS Colorado Springs, CO event!
And these are just a handful of Dener's accomplishments!

Dener Barbosa made his debut in America after winning the
2016 Monster Energy PBR Brazil Finals and 2016 PBR Brazil Championship
held in Barretos, Brazil.

Barbosa went 5 for 5 to secure the event win and the championship.

He earned an invite to the 2016 PBR Velocity Tour Finals where he
came in 8th place with a 50% riding average.

Barbosa then competed in the PBR BFTS World Championship where he came in 16th place in the world finals riding 3 out of 6 bulls including Stone Sober.

At 23 years old, he has a long and potentially very successful career ahead of him.

According to PBR, 
"Barbosa is the highest-ranked rider in the world standings that did not finish in last year’s Top 35 and is one of the biggest winners following the first BFTS cut. "  

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2017 (as of Nov 11, 2017)
8th in the PBR BFTS World Standings
5th place at the PBR BFTS world finals event in Las Vegas, NV
7th place in the PBR Real Time Pain Relief Velocity Finals in Las Vegas, NV
was top condendor for 2017 Rookie of the Year
PBR Qualified Rides 65 out of 118 attempts - 55.08%
2,630.83 world points
Money Earned $216,986.12
Competed in 43 events
2 PBR wins
11 top 5 finishes
19 top 10 finishes

Wins PBR Brazil Championship and PBR Brazil Finals
65 outs / 76  rides   85.53%
vs. top 500 - 6 for 9 (66.7%)
BFTS Finals 3 for 6 (50%)
16th place at the BR BFTS World Finals
8th place at the PBR Velocity Finals

PBR Career Stats:
71 PBR events
164 rides / 231 outs
total career world points 3090.56
79.88% riding average
7 90pt rides
7 PBR event wins
25 top 5 finishes
43 top 10 finishes

Personal page maxed with 5000 friends
Fan page 29,169 followers
Instagram - 40,400
Twitter (this acct was just started and is managed by Sheri Smith, agent)

Barbosa will continue to compete in the United States in the PBR BFTS, fulfilling his dream of competing in America with his lovely wife and daughter cheering him on.


Adriano Morais “Dener uses balance better than anyone I know,” Moraes said last year at the 2016 Built Ford Tough World Finals. “He balances like Justin. Justin rides with strength, but a lot of balance and timing. Even though they are two totally different styles of riding, but Justin had perfect timing and Dener has perfect timing.”

Justin McBride "Our riding styles are a lot different, but he does have a lot of great balance,” McBride said. “The bull he rode in the championship round. He did absolutely nothing with his free arm. His shoulder stayed so even to me. I didn’t think he was going to get by that bull. He has such great balance. He doesn’t fight it. If a bull is very strong, he doesn’t fight against that and try to clamp down. He lets them throw him around on their back. I think he is really good.”

Barbosa’s balance and timing was a big reason why Moraes was confident that Barbosa would be riding on the 2017 Built Ford Tough Series. PBR article - Barbosa is Coming into his Own

Barbosa famously rode 90 percent of his bulls in Brazil last year, earning the nickname “90 Percent” from Derek Kolbaba and Jess Lockwood during the 2016 Built Ford Tough World Finals. PBR article  - Barbosa Continues to Make Adjustments  


Videos: PBR Finals vs Pearl Harbor vs Hey Jack 89 pts PBR Velocity Finals 2016 vs Simon Says  Barbosa does great with interviews. He is learning English so he can communicate without a translator

PBR BFTS Finals 2016 vs Stone Sober 87.5 PBR BFTS vs Moto Moto 87 pts