Update 2023
After an extended and necessary pause in media coverage, we are delighted to announce that SmithPRO, Western Media Sports, and Honor Duty Press is back in business!

Our coverage begins with the western side and extends to everyday life for a family, travel, military, first responders, editorials, and so much more.


Sheri Smith, Owner of SmithPRO LLC. Writer. Speaker. President of Warriors and Rodeo. Sports Agent.

Josephine Smith, daughter of Sheri Smith. Fifteen years old. Author. Blogger.

Tytus Smith, son of Sheri Smith. Thirteen years old. Writer. 

Colt Ainsworth, IT Director. Professional DJ. Vice President of Warriors and Rodeo. Photographer. Writer.

SmithPRO works in partnership with Pepper Stewart from the Pepper Stewart Show. 

Check back for updates!

The Lemonade Digest - squeezing every drop out of life - The online magazine format the Smiths has been using for their online magazine has been discontinued. Their magazine will be reconstructed through out 2018. Check back for updates.

Honor Duty Press - website featuring great articles about our military, EMS, Fire Fighters, and Law Enforcement - past and present. 

The Lemonade Digest Woman - Sheri writes about life as a woman, leader, mother, wife, Christian, and sinner.

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